Using Website Recommendations To Look After Your Business

We previously wrote about the essentials you need to cover for your website. We have now launched actionable business intelligence to highlight actions that you need to take to ensure your website is set optimally. Many of those recommendations will have a direct bearing on your revenues or level of enquiries. Here's 3 of our top picks to keep your revenues healthy:

  • Have a fully responsive site - 50% of web traffic is now from mobile. Visitors expect a visit to your site from their mobile to be at least as good as via a desktop otherwise you will lose sales and recommendations. Whether your site is already responsive or not, try checking it on your mobile today to make sure it has kept up with evolving web standards and provides a smooth user experience.
  • Ensure HTTPS is enabled or lose the trsut of your visitors. As browsers continue to advance, messages will appear telling visitors your site is not secure if you don't run under HTTPS. Aditionally, parts of your website using 3rd party scripts which are not HTTPS may stop functioning, or images may not load. Not a good look!
  • Post out blogs - at least one a month. Visitors want to see your latest news, successes and case studies. It shows you are progressing as a business and convinces them to engage with you. In addition, it will drive in long term traffic to your site and lead to sales and enquiries.

    Here's an extra one for online retailers...
  • Got a problem with some of your products? Sometimes data processing errors creep in, so you can now see alerts for products without prices, missing titles or images, or invalid statuses.
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