Economic Nexus Rules (US)

Economic Nexus Rules (US)

Economic Nexus Rules (Simple & Advanced)

by REC+

What This Does

Comply with US Economic Nexus Rules by giving the ability to set individual tax rates on States which will be used to calculate the applicable State tax.

REC+ handles this in the simplest manner possible, whereas for full compliance for more advanced conditions we recommend using the Taxjar service.

Charges & Installation


The simple method is made available to REC+ users for free under our normal terms and conditions. 

For full compliance you will need to purchase the Taxjar service separately plus integration into REC+


Freshdesk documentatuion is available so you can set this up yourself.

We can help you set up the 'simple method' feature for £29+VAT.

Ongoing REC+ Support & Maintenance Charges

The simple method is included within your normal monthly support charges. 

The Taxjar service will be charged separately. Price on application.


The fully compliant method integrates with the Taxjar service.


Taxjar automates the process of calculating tax in full compliance with changing Economic Nexus Rules in the US.

Freshdesk Documentation

Click here to go to the article on Freshdesk