Protect privacy of data passing over the internet using HTTPS encryption

by REC+

What This Does

Adds a free SSL certificate to your website so that your pages are served under HTTPS to protect the data being sent over the internet. In addition, use our HTTPS Checker and Reporter services to scan for mixed content issues on pages which can break HTTPS security on individual pages.

NB Being on HTTPS is reported to give a small SEO boost to websites.

Charges & Installation


Free SSL certificates are provided using the Let's Encrypt service.
Alternatively, we can apply your own SSL certificate for £99+VAT.

Set Up

You can implement this yourself by following the instructions in the link and selecting REC as the platform.
Alternatively, we can provide a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate and 2 hours testing / fixing of mixed content issues for £150+VAT.

Ongoing REC+ Support & Maintenance Charges

Charges only apply where there is further fixing or testing at our prevailing hourly rates.

Freshdesk Documentation

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