New in REC+: Order Tracker app, Product Lifecycle & Forecasting report, Vehicle search


Order Tracker App
Allow your customers track their orders with our new Order Tracker app. 
It provides a full timeline of their order from when it's placed to when each item is dispatched along with the relevant shipping codes (if supplied in admin).
This can be shown as an app on any page via: Edit Page > Main Body Apps > Track Orders
As well it can be linked to via order emails such as order confirmation and status update emails so the user can always find where their order is at easier.
Contact us for pricing. 

Product Lifecycle & Forecast Report
Our new report available in Admin > Reports Product Lifecycle & Forecast, offers you a snapshot of how products are added, how often they are purchased and if you track stock on the site we can even predict when an item is likely to run out of stock. 
Contact us for pricing.

Vehicle Search (for automotive parts sellers)
A new feature which shows a floating vehicle finder for users to quickly find related parts and items for their car (works when using product tagging to identify vehicles). 
The vehicle selection saves against user records allowing for extra email targeting in Email Manager. Vehicle can be selected when running the Users Making Purchases report (UMP). 
Admin > Site Settings > Ecommerce > Vehicle Search.
Saved vehicles show against users & on their orders.
When enabled, product filter shows a way to save if a tag used in search, and to display your current or previous saved tag. Searching will also auto save the vehicle as well.
When floating search is enabled, it should display on all pages to the bottom left (except process pages: login, checkout & register).
Using "?vehicleSearch=open" url param will auto open & focus the search.

Ecommerce & Reporting

Previous orders summary display mode and tidy up
The previous orders screen has been improved to make it easier to navigate and we have a new display mode that switches from showing each item to a single table of orders complete with tracking codes. Dealer groups are automatically shown this version by default as it's easier to track large numbers of orders at once. 

Collapsible Price List
Price lists on the site can now be collapsed by category making it easier for users to drill through and find the specific pricing data they need. 
However users can also hold Ctrl and click to open all sub categories of a top level one at once, and press ctrl+f to find on page.

Automatic cleanup of group prices on delete of groups
When deleting a user group, all related group prices will be removed with it.

Product feed > additional images
For Google & Facebook product feeds we now support sending up to the first 10 product images instead of just the default, giving these platforms more image choices and helping users choose your products over others.

RRP display on products for Dealers
Dealers can now see the retail price a product sells at next to their dealer specific price. This is enabled in the template, contact us for a quote to change this. 

Upcoming Products report
This new report lets you see how many people are waiting for new products awaiting launch.
Admin > Reports > Upcoming Products Report

The "People who bought this bought that" listing on products now filters to just retail customers
This overcomes distorting the products being displayed due to dealer sales.

Stripe 2020 API auto select
For new sites using Stripe, we now automatically set Stripe to use the correct API versions behind the scenes.

Now check out last month's enhancements to be fully up to date

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